quinta-feira, fevereiro 08, 2007

O Estado contra Jim Morrison

Aqui fica parte do testemunho de Jim Morrison, em tribunal, aquando da sua detenção no famoso concerto de New Heaven. Sempre me fascinou.
Acusação: The time that you were in your knees in front of Mr. Krieger, is it your testimony that you were amazed at the intricate finger work and you had to study it?
Jim Morrison: Well, I said a lot of other things besides that. Mainly it is this. When I am singing, the spotlight is on me. All the attention is focused on me. Well, it came time for a solo and often I will move near him in order to direct the spotlight and the attention to him.
A.: Did you or did you not say you were amazed at is intricate finger work and got down on your knees and studied it?
J. M.: That was part of it, yes.
A.: That song was "Light my fire"?
J. M.: Yes.
A.: How many times prior to March 1st, 1969 had you and your group played "Light my fire"?
J. M.: I can only approximate but it must be, it could be over a thousand times.
A.: This wasn´t the first time you had seen the intricate finger work, is that a fact?
J. M.: The first time I have what?
A.: You have seen Robbie Krieger do that solo thousands of times, haven´t you?
J. M.: Could be.
A.: But you got down on your knees to study the intricate finger work.
J. M.: Well, he gets better all the time.

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